Monday, September 6, 2010

Glass Jar - Half Gallon

Half Gallon Storage Jar With Screw-On Lid


Because foods kept in some plastics may absorb estrogen-mimickers, carcinogens, and/or off flavors I choose to replace the Yogotherm's plastic container with a half gallon glass jar. This jar was not designed for the Yogotherm and doesn't fit perfectly, so I recommend removing the inner plastic container and with the protective outer plastic shell in place, carefully pushing the jar in and out a few times to compress the styrofoam ribs in the Yogotherm so that it fits. Initially, I was quite hesitant to alter my Yogotherm in this way, but I am even more adamant about not using plastic to store acidic foods so I slowly insisted the jar fit. I'm glad I did! I have a few jars so I can start a new batch of yogurt before the previous batch is all gone. The attractive jars are great for storing grains and other goods, too! .... Debra

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