Sunday, February 26, 2012

Motherhouse Market

Welcome to the Motherhouse Market Store Room!
Things are a bit in disarray here while we down-size from a full scale market web-site complete with shopping cart and Pay-Pal to a simple blog format. Soon we will hopefully have our items organized, archived, and easy to find. Purchases can be made by emailing our Market Mother, THANKS for your purchase! All profits help Motherhouse continue to offer our many workshops and events at family-friendly prices.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Debra's thoughts on making yogurt from raw milk:

I make yogurt from raw milk regularly. Milk comes from the cow at about 100 degrees. This is the perfect temperature for making yogurt, so I simply strain the milk and make the yogurt. If you are buying milk, you must heat it to about 100 degrees, (higher than 115 will kill the starter). I just check it on my wrist as if heating milk for a baby's bottle.

To make the yogurt, you mix about 1 TBSP starter to 1 quart of warm milk and keep it warm for 6 to 12 hours until the yogurt has set. Rhonda Jaacks of Lakeville has a non-electric yogurt maker called a Yogotherm for sale for the non-profit It is really handy for making just 1/2 gallon yogurt at a time. Im cc-ing this to her in case you'd like to contact her about this great product. I generally make 8 to 12 quart jarfuls at a time and just set them in warm water in a standard sized picnic cooler instead.

For a starter, I use some yogurt from the previous batch. For your first batch, I highly recommend Dannon Yogurt. It seems to have the liveliest cultures of all the commercial brands I've tried (including organic brands). Even the fruit-on-the-bottom varieties will work if you don't mind a fruity flavor for the first couple batches. Try not to mix in any of the fruity glop on the bottom! I'll stir up the starter until it is creamy smooth, then add in a little milk a spoonful at a time until well blended and liquidy, then pour into the remaining warm milk, mix well and set to incubate.

You will find that the yogurt will have a fragile curd compaired to store-bought yogurt, because you haven't added any thickeners and because the proteins of pasturized milk have been altered and produce a firmer curd. I like to shake up my jar and sip it like a milkshake for breakfast. You'll also discover it to be far sweeter than any you've had before. The cream on top however is quite thick and can be used like sour cream.

Best of luck! I hope this helps. Don't hesitate to ask more questions.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Strawbuilder Miniature Garden Cottage

Strawbuilder Miniature Garden Cottages


These whimsical structures were created by Motherhouse Basic Building instructor Chris Alvey as an example of his specialty building with cob. Cob building is an ancient building method using a combination of clay soils mixed with sand and straw to create a sculptural, monolithic structure. There are still small villages of cob cottages in Europe dating back hundreds of years. They would grace a stonewall, or make a fanciful addition to any garden bed. Invite the fairies to visit your garden with a cob cottage of their very own! --Debra

These mini-garden cottages measure roughly 12" x 10" x 10". Some have leather hinged doors and shuttered windows that really work. Each cottage is hand built and original, no two are alike.

Illustrate Poultry book

Storey's Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds


This book has been a huge help in choosing a chicken breed for our small family farm. We've spent hours poring over the beautiful photos and informative text to find dual-purpose chickens that will do well in our climate. Now to decide on a duck breed ... -- Rhonda

by Carol Ekarius
ISBN 9781580176675
Storey Publishing

More than 128 birds strut their stuff across the pages of this ultimate primer for farmers and fanciers alike. Admire the handsome black and white plumage of Lakenvelder roosters, read the fascinating history of the Blue Hens of Delaware, and marvel at the petite size and toylike appearance of Call ducks. And if you're curious to know which heritage turkeys are making a comeback, look no further. This definitive guide to North American barnyard and wild fowl includes a brief history of each breed, detailed descriptions of identifying characteristics, and colorful photography that celebrates the birds' quirky personalities and charming good looks. If it's fowl facts and photos you want, you'll find them here.

Raising Sheep book

Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep


This book covers everything you want to know about sheep. How to get started, which breed is right for you, feeding, fencing, lambing, shearing and more. I've read it cover to cover and keep it handy for reference. It's the most comprehensive sheep book on my shelf . -- Rhonda

by Paula Simmons & Carol Ekarius

ISBN 1580172628

389 Pages

6" x 9" paperback

OSLSS Workshop Gift Certificate

OSLSS Workshop Gift Certificate

Starting at: $35.00

The Old-Style Life Skills Series(OSLSS) Workshop Gift Certificate entitles the receiver to attend one or more of the OSLSS workshops scheduled during the year. The number of workshops given is determined by the purchaser; which workshops attended are determined by the receiver. Workshops are held on Saturdays from 10:30 to 1:30 and the cost is $35 per workshop. Pre-registration is required at least two weeks in advance of a workshop to reserve a place.
Check to see the current schedule.

The Old-Style Life Skills Series is a project of Motherhouse, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to providing place, support, and time for all mothers and their families. Motherhouse's mission in offering these classes and workshops is to foster self-sufficiency, neighborly interdependence, and sustainable agricultural practices. As we thus rebuild cohesive community, we strengthen our families, and improve the lot of all mothers.

Original Kitchenette Broom

Original Kitchenette Broom


Meets ASTM PS 130. 100% Broomcorn. Twist Broom With Each Sweep, Helps Wear Even, Wise & Neat. Sweeping Distance 97 Miles. MFG. In U.S.A. Local pickup only.